Refrigerated Transport Services from Igloo

Igloo Thermo is a team of expert refrigerated couriers committed to providing a value added temperature controlled courier service in fully equipped refrigerated vehicles. You can trust Igloo’s refrigerated courier service to deliver your goods to any UK or European destination; our reliable chilled couriers have the capacity to handle refrigerated loads of any size.

On the Igloo Thermo website, you’ll find detailed information about our chilled and frozen courier service, our reputation as an industry-leading chilled courier, and our valued clients. There is also further information on our fleet of refrigerated transport vehicles, which include cutting-edge heating and cooling equipment to perfectly preserve the condition of your chilled or frozen goods.

To speak directly to the specialised refrigerated couriers at Igloo Thermo, call 0192 371 3050 or email for advice and to discuss your chilled and frozen courier requirements. Our skill as a chilled courier will save your company time and money, so don’t hesitate to contact us and discover how Igloo’s trusted temperature controlled service can help you.



- Frozen
- Chilled
- Ambient

Load Sizes
- Pallets
- Layers
- Cases
- Trays

- Product Samples

All Locations
- Supermarkets
- RDC's
- Manufacturing Sites
- Hospitals
- Schools
- Airports
- Restaurants
- Retail Outlets
- Home Delivery
- Quality Control Labs
- Company HQ
- Taste Testing
- Merchandising Labs

Lead Time
- Same Day
- Next Day

Daily Deliveries

Time Windows
- AM
- PM
- Deliver By
- You Choose

Multi-Temp Vehicles
- Vans
- HGVs

Drop Frequency
- Multi-Drop
- Single-Drop

Storage Facilities
- Freezer Storage
- Chilled Storage
- Ambient Racking

Great Price
- Competitive Rates
- Account Facilities
- Card Payments
- Quick Quote

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- ePOD
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- National Coverage
- Named Contact

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- ISO 9001


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